Cartagena, Colombia

Polar opposite climate from my last post, Cartagena, Colombia! What a beautiful city, founded in 1533, there is so much history and culture to discover. I'm excited to share some of my adventures with you. 

After breakfast on our first morning we stepped outside on the bustling street, and were hit with the incredible heat and humidity. They were packed with cars driving on the narrow roads, men selling hats to protect you from the sun, and woman selling fresh cut fruit.


We stayed at Bastion Luxury which was a delight, the staff were so friendly, we were only there 5 nights and by the end they had learned our orders. (light beer and water, in the pool please :) Speaking of the pool, what a dream, I think I could stay on this rooftop forever and be happy. It was amazing to relax here and admire the design of the old city.


I've never been so fascinated with doors, until this trip. Various shapes, colors, and intricate designs really liven up the streets. They almost could be a museum of their own.


We met some great people, I would highly recommend Demente, they had amazing food and we were greeted with an even more amazing server. He remembered us when we came back a second time, which is always endearing. 

On our walk to Demente, which is located on Plaza da la Trinidad we walked down the street photographed below. The street art here was incredible, so many different styles and so much to look at. For a minute it almost had me forgetting the fact that it was still 100 degrees out, at night. 


All in all, this was a great trip. It's such an affordable city, that you almost can't afford to not visit, I would recommend taking a trip and exploring it for yourself!