Marrakech, Morocco

Design. Everywhere. From the custom painted electrical outlets, to the table we ate breakfast on, to the intricate tiles in the Bahia Palace. Marrakech certainly did not disappoint. I had been looking forward to this trip for the imagery I imagined I could capture and was not let down! I'm excited to share with you, and hope you can find some inspiration as I have. Below are some images from our stay at Riad Hikaya, which was amazing. The girls working there did an excellent job to make us feel at home, and Dan gave us a great overview of the city over mint tea right when we arrived. 

Our first full day was very thrilling, we began with breakfast on the rooftop terrace. (How is everything so adorable!?)


After breakfast, we made our way, via horse drawn carriage, to Jardin Majorelle, which is home to the most vibrant blue buildings I have ever seen. And no, I did not color coordinate my shirt on purpose! 

What is going to Morocco without riding a camel? This was quite an experience, my camels name was Scooby Doo he was imported from Saudi Arabia and was the leader of the pack. He was a cool dude. 

Even after all that, our day was not over yet! We made our way to Barometre for dinner, where we had such a great meal, that we migrated to their bar and spent our evening trying the cocktails. We met some new friends along the way while I sat mesmerized with the custom illustrated drink menus. (PS get the Rosee Du Matin, you won't regret it)

Our trip consisted of a mix of getting lost in the Souks, negotiating with taxi drivers, and trying new foods. I am desperate to learn how to make a fish tagine, we brought home a bunch of spices so I may try my hand at it!  

But the tiles, OH the tile. Upon making our way to Morocco, I was looking forward to this, and again was not let down. At the Saadian Tombs, there was an area where someone is in charge of restoring the ancient tiles. What an awesome job. 


At the Saadin Tombs we got to take a look at the majestic room shown above. The level of detail here is incredible, the photo does not do it justice. The ceiling is gold, this is where the sultans son, Ahmad al-Mansur was buried in 1603. On a lighter note, back to tile! Here's a some eye candy just because I can't help it. Overall Marrakech was a great place to visit, and I hope to go back someday. One thing I can guarantee, given my hundreds and hundreds of photos, is that you will be treated to some more Moroccan inspiration in the near future!