Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal! What a lovely city, I greatly enjoyed my time here. It's so quaint, and feels a world away from my home, Chicago, without actually being that far.

Nearby the Notre-Dame Basilica, we sat and enjoyed a hot cup of tea. (it was a freezing weekend!). From the outside it looked amazing, so of course we had to go inside and check it out.


And my, what a treat. I had no idea it was so beautiful, I could have sat here for hours discovering new things within the architecture. I definitely would love to return here someday.

We had a great brunch, at a place called, Olive & Gourmando the wait was very long but the food was awesome. And of course, the obligatory latte photo is below. 


My husband wanted to try Le Mal Necessaire, for the cocktails, I secretly just wanted to go because I thought that their green neon pineapple was fun. Either way, it was an enjoyable time with some good drinks.