Istanbul, Turkey

Welcome! I am so excited to be starting my design blog, inspired by travel. As Istanbul, in my opinion is the most magical place I have experienced to date. I find it only fitting to be my first blog post.  Below is a photo from my favorite restaurant, Mellow. They have a cat, Layla, who lives here and greets the customers. She laid on my lap a good portion of the meal.  <3


Istanbul is jam packed with inspiration for designers of all types. You can not walk a block without seeing intricate architecture. The old age of the city, mixed with new elements makes it remarkable.  Below is a restroom sign I found unique. 


Below is a the entrance to the Grand Bazaar. It's a winding maze, easy to get lost in (I speak from experience)! Within it, you can find everything from gold jewelry, hand woven rugs, knock off designer bags, to Turkish delight. I really enjoyed wandering the Grand Bazaar and stopping from time to time for a cup of Turkish tea. 


It's unfortunate the happenings going in Turkey the past couple years. I would love to return to explore more of this glorious city, and hope to do so someday. For now, the memories I captured on our two trips there will have to suffice!

On both trips, we stayed at the Witt Istanbul Suites, which deserve an entire post of their own.