London, England

Rainy & gray. Every day. This is what I imagined London to be, and it did not let me down. I had been wanting to visit this city for years, and finally got the opportunity. I feel like we hardly scratched the surface, however how does one ever feel as though they've done so when there are 1,220 pubs. However, that number has dropped drastically since 2001, when there were 4,835 pubs. Nonetheless, the Salisbury was a sight to see with it's historical etched glass mirrors. 

Another excellent pub to check out, is the notable Churchill Arms, famous for the flowers on the exterior and bed pan lined ceilings. I was especially fond of the darling little stained glass details. Don't leave here without trying some Thai food, trust me. 

After having a pint, or two, or three... try climbing these stairs. YES. These were in our flat, and lead up to the restroom. It was always an exciting adventure upon arriving home, or waking up in the middle of the night. I am happy to say, there were no casualties due to these steps during our stay. 


When we weren't grabbing a cheeky pint.... (hey it was rainy and gray, what would you do) We did do some walking around, and came across some beautiful architecture. I suppose that isn't surprising when the city was founded in 50AD. 

Another trip to London is definitely in order, I think next time I'll bring a pair of rainboots.